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tv   FOX 29 News at 5  FOX  March 13, 2017 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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while that blizzard warning does not extend into the philadelphia area per se, the city declaring a snow emergency tonight. >> live ultimate doppler radar shows the two storms knocking at our door get ready for what could be our biggest snowfall of the season. >> thanks for joining us at 5:00. i'm chris o'connell. iain is off tonight. >> i'm lucy noland. the storm sim pact our area. philadelphia public and par row key yack schools will be closed tomorrow. other closings will be coming in. you can sigh them at the bottom of your screen. let's get over to meteorologist kathy orr. first look at weather this is a tale of two systems coming together here, right. >> it certainly is. we talked about this last thursday, lucy. we were talking about light snow coming in friday but bigger storm that was on tap for tuesday and severing coming together, as forecast. we have area of low pressure to the south through the gulf. energy over the midwest these two come together as a major east coast snowstorm a nor'easter by late tonight into tomorrow already seeing moisture moving up the eastern seaboard.
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this is what we expect. overnight the storm forms and during the early morning of tomorrow a lot of snow. move into new york and new england we're talking about 15 to 20 states being impacted by this storm. blizzard warning was posted this this afternoon for our western northern suburbs into central and north jersey into new york city for the rest of us, through philadelphia county, delaware county new castle counsel tie delaware and south jersey a winter storm warning. what is a blizzard warning. talking about winds or gusts 35 miles an hour or greater. visibility reduced to quarter mile or less and you need this for duration of three hours or more and we think we will have that come tomorrow morning. as we go hour by hour, the snow moves in by ten, 11:00 o'clock. by the -- from the west southwest. then we see some mixing possibly making up to the i-95 corridor by about 5:00 a.m. we could mix
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for about four or five hours. and then go back to snow and the storm pulls out by about 2:00 in the afternoon. depending on how much mixing we get will determine how much snow we get. but right now philadelphia eight to 12 i think 12 is a good number for the city. and where we don't mix to the north and west, 12 to 16-inches. the red zone through allentown, northampton county through the lehigh valley and the poconos 16 to 22-inches of snow. and we have the wind to boot and this is the blizzard warning area. four to six. throughs salem and the glassboro area where we have more mixing and millville and dover two to four and just mainly rain as you head down the shore. coming up we'll talk about the wild cards of this storm want will determine how much snow we get and also we'll talk more about the timing. we'll see you later on in the broadcast. we also have some major shore impacts. big storm. i'll see you later. >> just like the rest of lifetiming is everything. 91 much this comes as surprise we've been talking about it for that mean stores have restocked
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with winter supplies. hopefully the city prepared. fox 29's brew gordon joins us thirty five south philadelphia along columbus boulevard. it's the quiet before the storm clearly. bruce, do you think the people are ready? >> reporter: well, it's hard to say, luce seem as you know we've had a couple of we'll call them false alarm forecasts this winter season that generated fare amount of scepticism even among folks stocking up on supplies. at the home depot on columbus boulevard, they could hardly keep shovels and salt in stock. predicted mid march nor'easter has customers racing back to the store to prepare to battle mother nature. these folks were stocking up on salt to safeguard a fill many hopeless shelter. >> we supposed to get 12 to 16-inches. i'm not sure. i got to be prepared. >> prepared for the worst. >> got to be. >> reporter: the streets department is ready to clear more than 2200 miles of roadwa roadways. expected to be buried by tuesday mid morning some 400 vehicles
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were hit streets first to salt, later to plow. it will be tough going. >> the biggest challenge will be the rate it's coming down. expect to come down one to 2-inches an hour. just hampers the have it visibility of the drivers. as soon as we do a path the street will be covered within the next ten to 15 minutes you won't even tell we're there. >> reporter: septa has already announced schedule reductions for tuesday go to we'll link you to the storm's schedule and snow emergency has been declared for the city. meaning parked cars must clear out of major arteries. for the mild winter so far just a curve minor storms. the city is in good shape. 50,000 tons of road salt ready for use and officials say they're equipment is in better condition than usual. including smaller vehicles to be used in clearing side streets. >> that's our goal to try to -- make every street in the city passible. it may take longer in some streets than others because of the tightness of the street the way folks are park but we'll
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make an attempt to get down every street. >> the site show shovels sitting next to spring flowers may seem crazy we've had enough of this yo-yo weather to turn folks into expert. >> last year around this time we had something that seemed like too warm i the cold coming in we get a good storm. >> reporter: you row pricketted this. >> y yeah not as much. >> have you ever thought of a career as meter ologist. >> no. [ laughter ] >> reporter: as we speak columbus boulevard bone dry, heavy traffic. 12 hours from now could be the other way around light traffic but we expect to see snow coming down at that point the snow emergency routes get those parked cars off the streets by 9:00 o'clock tonight. chris? >> back at 6:00 with more. >> get your snow boots ready. thanks bruce. on to new jersey now, governor chris christie says crews are ready for however much snow this storm dumps on the state speaking in engle cliffs bergen county christie says he's ready to declare a state of emergency if need be. north jersey expected to get
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more snow but the governor says the entire state is ready. >> the plows and salted and sanders are ready to go. new jersey transit is prepared to deal with whatever will come in terms of impact on bus and rail transportation. >> as kathy said the governor says easements ready for the possibility of flooding and beach erosion at the jersey shore. philadelphia international airport travelers are scrambling trying to get out ahead of the storm. airlines canceled hundreds of flights scheduled for tomorrow. fox 29's brad sattin joins us live from the airport. they're up against the clock, brad. >> reporter: yeah, you're right. it is really a mad dash to the finish here trying to get out to wherever you're going before this storm strikes. it hasn't been easy though as a result of cancellations and other airports like chicago that as a result planes aren't where they need to be. tomorrow though the real nightmare with massive cancellations in new york, boston, washington, d.c., here in philadelphia. it may be the calm before the
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storm over philadelphia but if you're flying the storm is already here with passengers in the thick of it. >> panic. [ laughter ] >> very panicked. >> my flight is already an hour and a half late we'll miss the connection i'm trying to get stand by on the next non-stop out before all hell breaks loose. >> reporter: it's breaking. more than a thousand flights come from through philadelphia international airport on an average tuesday. american killed us a all flights. southwest cancel entire philadelphia schedule on tuesday. the airport 475 people on stand by for runway snow removal and while the goal is to keep at least one runway open, each airline itself will decide whether or not to fly. >> you better make sure that you touch base with your carrier to check on the flight status many airlines are offering their passengers who have reservations the opportunity to change their itinerary without paying that customary fee. >> reporter: which countless people scrambling to get out
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today. susan was one of them. >> person i'm going with is my brother down there already on vacation. i said can i come a day early? he said yes. i asked my boss can i leave a day early yes. okay. my sister can you take me to the airport a day earl. >> ly you need a reporter to tag along. >> yes. >> princeton res len team headed to st. louis to compete in nationals this week but you can't win if you're not there. >> we were supposed to fly tomorrow afternoon. >> but mission a accomplished they were able to rebook for today now on to the next missi mission. >> hopefully bring back a lot of medals. >> reporter: we certainly wish them luck. some airlines including american as you heard are hoping to get going at 5:00 o'clock tomorrow afternoon. that's going to be weather dependent and realistically it could take another 24 hours or so until it's routine again back on schedule. it will take while. no doubt about it. chris and lucy. brad, thanks. we want get to philadelphia city hall where philadelphia officials are discussing the city's plans as the storm rolls
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in let's listen in. >> first, as you may have heard, both the school district of philadelphia and the arch diocesan schools of philadelphia will be closed tomorrow. that is they are both the schools and the administrative offices will be closed. secondly, as we announced earlier, snow emergency will declared for the city of philadelphia beginning at 9:00 p.m. tonight. with ticketing and towing to begin after midnight. a snow emergency means all parked cars must be moved off of snow emergency routes for plowing. when moving your car, park as far away from the corner of the street as possible. vehicles parked too close to the corner make it difficult for plows to make the turn. pretty basic. so we you were people to move your car away from corners. cars left on snow emergency routes will be moved to another parking spots to assist in the
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snowplowinsnowplowing operation. if your car is moved, you can call 215-686-snow. s-n-o-w. to find it and please do not call 911. the city will make a decision and publicly announce early this morning as to whether city government offices will be open. please wait for that. that should be some time in the overnight hours. and if you have business tomorrow, please try to reschedule it for later in the week. citizens are encouraged to travel with caution on tuesday. please give yourself extra time to get to your destination. workers are encouraged to make use of flex time when available. caution will be particularly important during the morning rush hour when snowfall rates
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could reach 2-inches per hour and heavy winds are expected. the philly 311 call center will remain open during normal business hours tuesday 8:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. to take calls for non-emergencies. quests for salting and plowing will not be taken during the storm. once the storm is moved on, the city will announce when such requests will be taken. the department of parks and recreation reminds residents that if a tree falls during the storm and is blocking a road or it's falling on a house car or other property please call 911. a crew of from the department are on call to respond to tree emergencies. if a tree has fallen on a electrical wires please call peco's emergency number. and that is one-800, 841-4141.
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and finally, for the philadelphia prisons, all inmate visits are canceled tomorrow in all philadelphia prison facili facility,. now i'd like to bring sam phillips up to the podium and give you the latest on the weather. sam? >> good afternoon, i'm sam phillips director of emergency management. the national weather service has issued a winter storm warning which is in effect from 8:00 p.m. tonight until 6:00 p.m. tuesday. so tomorrow evening. the total snow accumulation is forecasted between eight and 12-incheinches. however, there is a worse case scenario that has us closer to the 20-inch range. snow will begin tonight monday evening around 9:00 p.m. it will become heavy at times. and will continue through the midday hours on tuesday. we expect that all snow will diminish by tuesday afternoon. heavy snow will make roads
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impassible and may produce widespread power outages due to the weight of the snow on tree limbs and power lines. we're expecting some heavy wet snow because snow will also be mixed with a period of sleet during the overnight hours. strong winds ranging from 15 to 25 miles per hour sustained with gusts to 45 are certainly expected. this could lead to blowing snow reduced visibility and again some power outages. we'll be closely monitoring. temperatures will be in the upper 20s to mid 30s during the event. the daytime high is expected to remain in the 30s to low 40s for the duration of the week. nighttime lows -- >> all right. so you're listening to the city management talking about the big storm we have been forecasting now for days. they're taking it very serious seriously. that snow emergency ick kicking in 9:00 o'clock tonight. >> the emergency director saying potential for up to 20-inches potential.
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>> worse case si nary yo. will kathy will the full forcast coming up in little bit. we are covering this storm from all angles tonight. 24/7 online at and of course right here on the air. extra early tomorrow morning on of our storm coverage at 3:30am. >> a fire arc home collapse, a rescue. how the family discovered their house in tioga was on fire. >> an suv submerged underwater in california. a man trapped inside. how his car ended up in the bay. >> one of the most popular guys working at one college. the students love him. what his community is doing for him that has him in tears. ♪
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>> let's take life look outside trenton right now. pretty quiet right now. but a blizzard warning goes into effect in mercer county and much of the area starting at 8:00 o'clock tonight. of course your fox 29 weather authority has all the details just minutes away. developing right now jerry sandusky child sex abuse scandal. to former penn state another straighters struck a deal with prosecutors. they are plead guilty to lesser charges connected to the case. former athletic director tim curley and one time university vice-president gary schultz plead guilty to a misdemeanor child endangerment charge carries about five years possibly. penn state's former president graham spanier faces felony
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charge of conspiracy and child endangerment. he was not in court. his lawyers were. his case is still moving forwa forward. jury selection slated for next week. the three men did not report a graduate assistant's complaint prosecutor prosecutors say who said he saw an did you say ski sexually abusing boy in 2001. it's a growing trend in law enforcement. police worn body cameras designed to show exactly what happens during interactions with police. > in theory it removes doubt over what exactly transpired. issues exist below the surface. join evans joins us live from center city where the city council met to tackle all of this. joyce? >> reporter: lucy and chris, they're actually tackling all of this in faces with the next police districts 24th and 25th set to start using their body cams in july. now it's all part of the mayor's plan that is estimated to cost about $3 million to equip 4,000
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cops with body cams over the next four years. >> we're all literally building a plane while we're flying it. >> reporter: philadelphia police commissioner ross accompanied by da seth williams delivering status reports on how the city's pilot program using body cams has been going. >> generally, the reviews have been good. because when a camera is on just like now, we tend to be on our best behavior. >> the general consensus that counsel sit committee on public safety hearing seem to be positive as far as the benefits scene in septa's use of body cameras. and to all parties and police involved situations so far in the 22nd district area. but questions about cost of storing all that video for how long hooks has access to view it and still those privacy rights issues came up short. >> it doesn't seem like they're quiet prepared to answer some basic questions. what would it cost on annual basis, it's not simply good enough to say it's expensive.
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we need to know real numbers rt. >> those kinds of questions have to be answer. >> we got kind of thrust into this and with good reason. but at the same token a lot of things are unanswered we don't profess to have all the answers either. we want to get it right. >> reporter: now, a lot of the community leaders here today say that they want a seat at the planning table. that's why they want more neighborhood by neighborhood meetings like this because they're few neighbors out here today to even witness or speak at the hearing. we will be keeping a watch on this for you and will keep updated lucy and chris. >> thank you very much, joyce. happening right now, philadelphia tioga neighborhood a fire, a home collapse and rescue in the middle of all of that. investigators tonight are loo looking into started that fire about 9:00 this morning. on the 3500 block of north 23rd street. fire officials say it started in a twin home with at least eight people living inside. while firefighters were battling the flames part of that home did collapse and a man inside told
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us firefighters saved him and his girlfriend. >> there was no alarm, no nothing. smoke coming out the building. my girl there's a fire. we got up tried to go downstairs to the front door. we had to go out there out through the win dome firemen and policemen came and helped us out. >> medics did take three people to the hospital with two of them now stable. we don't yet know how the third person is doing. south jersey an elderly woman has died after she was struck and killed by a bus. cops say the 83-year-old was meeting a group in a parking lot in vineland to take a bus to the philadelphia flower show. it happened this morning at the intersection of donte and lincoln avenues. apparently the driver didn't see her as she was walking across the parking lot. in fox 29 investigates, a bullet pierce add philadelphia woman's car as a murder played out nearby. then police towed away that car. when investigators pride the bullet from the vehicle and no one would pay for repairs, the family called fox 29
5:22 pm
investigators. jeff cole is here with a look ahead at his story coming up tonight at 10:00. >> jeff. >> we know unfortunately there's a lot of gunplay in philadelphia. add to that doris cruz who needs her car to drive her children to school and appointments like lots of folks. but after police extracted that bullet for evidence leaving a big hole the car won even mass inspection. >> she just want help, like it had to come to this to call you guys to help her. but she just want help. she don't got money to buy a new car. >> reporter: like a lot of folks she just doesn't have any money to buy a new car. what happens now when we start asking the city questions about that family's claim. remember the family has to have that car to get around. find out tonight as fox 29 investigates at 10:00 o'clock. chris, obviously there's a lot of gunplay in the city. it's not just folks being injured unfortunately but property damage as well we take a look at that tonight. >> we'll see you at 10:00, jeff.
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thanks. disturbing video of a police shooting in california. what led police to smash out the car windows and spay it with water before the shooting. little girl could not walk on her own until some college students stepped in. the device they invented to give a toddler a chance to to do dell about.
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♪ ♪ it isn't just about vision, it's about care. nobody cares for eyes more than pearle.
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♪ investigation tonight in a deadly police shooting in orange california. camera did catch it all clearly the video is stuff to see. >> let me tell you what happened here. officers say they pulled the man over for routine traffic stop early this morning. another one point officers saw him holding gas can an lighter because they were worried he'd light himself or something else on fire, they whipped out a fire hose which is what you see right there to spray him out. it work but the guy and cops got into a scuffle. officers say they saw him holding a 95 so they shot him. and he died at a hospital. talk about a close call. a san diego man narrowly escaped death after he woke up and discovered his suv was submerged
5:27 pm
in water. he got up just in time to dial 911 for help much this is where he was. lifeguards were able to rescue him from the vehicle. the driver camp you had out overnight parked too close to the water when his suv was carried out when the high tide came in. the vehicle was eventually pull out of the water by a tow truck. big announcement for atlantic city new add traction that could soon open on the shore. the length some college students are going through to take a vacation over their spring break. kathy, what do you got? >> it sounds good right about now. >> spring break. didn't think about it last week or the week before but here we are a classic nor'easter east coast snowstorm many of us seeing a foot or more of snow. we'll talk about the details going town by town coming up. (vo) with thousands of quality pre-owned vehicles...
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♪ let's take life look at center city philadelphia right now. where a snow emergency is in effect starting at 9:00 o'clock tonight. that means vehicles need to be off those snow emergency routes by then or they will be towed. snow expected to fall across the region much of the area under a blizzard warning. >> apparently winter is finally arrived. groundhog was right. preparation for the snowstorm underway in montgomery county as we speak. >> today officials went over the plan as officials get ready to tackle this weather. fox 29's dave kinchen live from norristown with more on penndot's plan tonight. dave? >> reporter: chris, i guess you can say it took awhile for the winter to finally get here
5:31 pm
but penndot says they're ready. they're stocking up right here at the penndot regional headquarters in the norristown area. ready for this winter storm this is video of crews loading up salt in one of hundreds -- hundreds of their trucks. in fact ben dot says it will throw everything it has at this storm. we're talking more than 400 trucks out spreading salt and doing some plowing as well. the salt spread will start once the snow comes down we're told. the crews will be working around the clock to keep the roads passible. but they say keep in mind if you don't have to drive, don't. >> definitely would rather they stay home especially the way it looks right now during the am hours anywhere from ten to 4:00 o'clock even before that as early twos to 3:00 a.m. you're looking at two to 3-inches an hour that could be blinding conditions. >> reporter: we can tell you supply is not a problem in terms of salt.
5:32 pm
penndot says they have 100,000 tons of salt to work with and really we haven't had much winter activity so that could be a good thing here but they say give the trucks a chance to get the salt down stay out of their way you heard them if you don't have to drive, stay home and well you can also just watch fox 29. we'll get you threw it all. back to you. >> thank you dave. talking about the weather priority number one right now. live look at wilmington. which should see the first flakes tonight. it should escape the brunt of the storm. who is going to be hit the hardest. kathy orr and monica cryan breaking it all down in 15 seconds. all right. here we go. we talked about it last week. a major coastal storm. a nor'easter snowstorm whatever
5:33 pm
you want to indicate. we have two pieces to the puzz puzzle. an area of low pressure to the south and another one to the north. in chicago these two com coming together moving off the coast and developing into a nor'easter or major east coast storm. you can already see the moisture streaming up the eastern seaboard. cold enough for light snow flurries but the main event is going to come late tonight into the early morning hours. let's go hour by hour and we'll track the temperatures. by the time the snow moves in between about 9:00 and midnight, we're looking at temperatures that are pretty borderline in millville at 34. 31 in philadelphia. 20 in the poconos. 27 in allentown you see temperatures in the 20s light fluffy snow. 30 as heavier wet snow by 7:00 a.m. we see that rain/snow line lifting northward in philadelphia wilmington sleet mixing in to the north and west where you see the dark blue or purplish color that is all snow and that is our blizzard warning area. by the early afternoon everything changes back to snow and begins to move out and by the evening, we're talking about
5:34 pm
strong winds. temperatures in the 20s. and the snow pretty much out of the region that's when we start to dig out. during the height of the storm to the north and west of philadelphia, where we have that blizzard warning, we are talking about snow rates at two to 4-inches an hour. that's between about 8am and noon on tuesday. during that time, to the north and west, winds gusting to about 45 miles an hour so you're dealing with blowing snow and also visibility less than quarter a mile at times and that obviously will create hazardous travel. heavy snow, blowing snow lots of problem. jackpot heaviest snow the rode zone through the lehigh valleyly an poconos. ken to 22. 12 to 16. philadelphia and delaware county right on that borderline between eight and 12 and 12 to 16. depending on how much mixing we get you can see philadelphia, cherry hill, southampton, eight to 12. radnor, abington, montgomery and into doylestown west chester and pottstown you are in the 12 to 16-inches of snow. the wild cards pretty much the track of the storm.
5:35 pm
we're looking at the storm tracks a little bit farther to the west we see more warm air getting in. that's a big question. how far north is that warm air get does it make it into philadelphia? looks we'll see at least sleet maybe a little rain. how much mick log go on? snow, sleet and rain along the i-95 corridor if the mixing is less we see a little bit more snow. but in philadelphia i think around a foot of snow is a good number at this point. so what about down the shore? big problems there as well. monica cryan has the latest on what will go on down there. hi, monica. >> the coastline isn't expecting as much snow as areas more inland, they're still a lot of problems with this storm system as it continues to track up the coastline. we've got a coastal flood warning in place. your high tide tomorrow morning 9:30 to 10:30 along the jersey shore. and that's also when we're expecting to have some of the highest winds as well and you can see waves 12 to even 17 feet and so with this coastal flood
5:36 pm
warning and the potential impacts with this storm system what we're really expecting along the coastline unfortunately with the wind and the flooding it's going to impact beach erosion. that's going to be a big concern power outages obviously an issue as well. and that once again high tide 9:30 to 10:30 when we can see those winds really start to kick up anywhere from 65 to even 70 miles per hour so this is we're talking tropical storm force winds, kathy. >> we'll send it back to you. conditions going to be very changeable in reading you are in that 12 to 16-inch range and some areas you could see up to 17-inches on the seven day forecast, things changing readily during the day tomorrow the snow heavy at times in the morning. some mixing with sleet and in philadelphia i think we'll see about eight to 12-inches of snow on your seven day forecast from the weather authority, snow
5:37 pm
showers and wind after the storm on wednesday. thursday, friday, cold. saturday a few rain and snow showers. bet weather for sunday and monday. with temperatures in the 40s. remember friday st. patrick's day. a cloudy but windy day but look how long temperatures stay at or slightly above freezing. the snow will be here awhile, guys. >> apparently the groundhog might have been right. >> thank you very much, kathy. more than halfway through president trauma pops first 100 days republicans have health care problem. congress is non partisan budget analyst announced within the hour that 14 million people would lose coverage next year under the republican's health plan. congressional budget office report is rocking the debate over the gop's plan to repeal and replace the affordable care act. for the trump administration the good news in the cbo report the health care bill would cut the budget deficit by 337 billion over ten years. and the gop says that the affordable care act under president obama was ununsustai
5:38 pm
ununsustainable. president trump and met with americans who he's calling victims of obama care. >> we're not going to have one size fits all. instead we're going to be wor working to unpiles leash the power of the private marketplace to let insurers come in and compete for your business and you'll see rates go down, down, down and you'll see plans go up, up, up. >> meanwhile today house intelligence committee leaders are demanding the justice department hand over any hard evidence to support president trump's twitter claim that former president obama wire tapped him and that is yet to happen. big announcement for atlantic city. new attraction that could soon come to the shore resort. >> the length some college students are going to to take a vacation over their spring break. ♪
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♪ in your money family funds head to go atlantic city new jersey. development group has brought -- has bought the former atlantic club casino along boardwalk. it has been closed since 2014. developers plan to spend
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$135 million to bring a family water park to the site. renovate part ths of the hotel. >> big changes. college students speaking of changes across the nation and many here in our area are packing their bags for spring break. here's the change though. >> new survey revealing the alarming way some of those students are paying for it. according to lend edu a company that helps students with their finances, more than 2 million students are tapping into their student loans to pay for spring break vacations. the poll also found students are also using loans to pay for alcohol tox pay for clothes, dining out, drugs and gambling. not all students, of course, think that's great idea. >> yeah. >> i actually have credit card and i work. so i mean if i need to pull money from other places, i have those resources. >> according to lend edu the average college student graduates with more than $28,000 in student loans.
5:43 pm
a toddler una able to walk on her own until some college students stepped in. the fight they -- bike they invented to give her a chance to be a kid. >> a treatment for depression that doesn't require pills. the device some doctors are now using. sean bell.
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♪ live look at malt doppler radar we watch the system expected to bring more than a foot of snow to the area. our weather team coverage continues in just minutes. in your health, some of our area's top college basketball coaches all in one place today to help fight cancer. st. joe's phil martel, tepp pell fran dunphy and villanova's jay wright some of the coaches gathering at the palestra on the
5:47 pm
university's penn campus today. this was the 19th annual coaches versus cancer of philadelphia tip off breakfast. the division one basketball coaches and philadelphia lead the most successful coaches versus cancer program in the nation. they have raised $11 million since 1996. alternative hemmed for treating depression does not involve taking any pills. fox' as neat at a romans repor reports. treats patients with depression. he uses what some describe as a non conventional method called tms. >> tms a pulse magnetic field we're able to localize in a particular area of the brain in order to stimulate the nerves within the brain and we can actually inhibit some of the nervenerves within the brain. >> reporter: difference between pills some dr. friday and tmms, tms causes the nerves in the brain to fire. as oppose to manipulating them
5:48 pm
with chemicals. >> what we found with patients with depression is that activity in the brain is low. areas of the brain low activity society nerves are not firing. >> i think i tried everything out there. but either side effects or, um, it didn't help. >> reporter: andrew wrangle suffered from depression after losing his job. he dropped out of school. barely got out of bed. >> i tried probably eight medications and i felt minimal effects from all of them. >> he turned to tmz. >> all right. even more. >> so did kathy spear who battled depression for 20 years up until two months ago when she startestarted tms treatments. isn't people would call me bashful. i was just depressed. i just -- i just didn't talk. when i go to work i'd do my job and go home. then i would sit there. until the next day.
5:49 pm
now i'm more outgoing. i am enjoying a lot more with my life and i'm hairier. >> the left side of the brain is where you see the involvement for depression. right side of the brain can be involved in anxiety. >> treatment is non invasive the attach attaches a small magnetic coil to the sa part of the brain that controls mood. >> joy, something i haven't felt in year. >> it isn't for everyone those who say they had no other choice are finding much needed help. in anita roman fox news. >> idaho toddler wis disabilities is not letting it stop her from doing anything. >> it's all thanks to some awesome engineers. meet two-year-old camilla. she loves to truck around thanks to the go baby go program. you see her muscles haven't developed enough for her to be able to walk yet. she's one of several children who benefited from program at
5:50 pm
boise state university where the society of women engineers club are helping families assemble these battery oped mini convertibles specifically designed for kids like camilla who have dissables. >> simplifies it for them so that they are able to do something that they won normal be able to do. >> camilla's parents say all the physical therapy they do and the extra work they do with her at home is paying off. and her set of wheels is great for her progress. >> that's awesome. >> good to see. >> yeah it is. forget snakes on plane much this could have you jumping out of your skin even quick we are. one in tennessee says my room is always been a very peaceful place all changed though friday night. when she woke up with an unwan unwanted guest. it happened right in the mill of the night. what did she find in her bed? a snake rattled, oh, yeah. >> i woke up and i thought the cat had touched my arm. when i raised mynd had he had up a little bit without moving my
5:51 pm
arm, whatever was in the bed raised up also and it was a small head. >> yeah. with teeth. police responded eventually removed 3-foot long von then muss rat snake probably looking for warmth probably cold. seriously they're docile rat snakes. nobody is hurt by the way. >> keep them out there, though. [ laughter ] >> big send off for villanova today. the first round of ncaa tournament the ncaa champs left campus early today to beat the snow to buffalo. ♪ you can see all the excitement on campus at the mainline as the team left for the airport. the wildcats got home yesterday after a big big east tournament championship win in new york. the team will have to wait to find out their first round opponent they'll either play mount saint mary's or new orleans. those teams face off tomorrow night. and he's one of most popular guys working at one local college. the students they absolutely
5:52 pm
love this guy. what his community is doing for him that has now left him in tears. question, and be honest...
5:53 pm
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♪ finding goodness if a one faced with serious medical concerns can be tough. that's what food service worker at a local university is doing. >> bill anderson met a man who had no idea how much this students he served loved him until they stepped in -- stemmed up and rallied for his support
5:56 pm
for goodness sake. >> ♪ >> definitely had a huge impact unglues have a great break. >> good morning. >> how are you? >> john is a food service worker at einstein brothers bagels operated by aramark for west chester university dining well known on campus for always having a positive word and for knowing here nearly everyone's name. >> sarah. >> yes. >> ding ding ding. >> when he forgot, the students knew something was wrong. >> he couldn't remember my name and that's why he started to tear up. because he hasn't forgotten my name from freshman year. >> he knew my name, what i ordereordered down what cream ci wanted on -- i ordere ordered oy bagel. >> students knew that something was up to the man who spoke to them every day often in one of the five languages that he speaks fluently. >> dominic. >> yes.
5:57 pm
(speaking french). >> but they had no idea how serious john's issues were. >> about two months ago, i was in chester county hospital and they found out that i had a cerebral aneurysm. >> where do you call home? >> john continues to smile and greet the students -- >> i know exactly where west grove is. >> he's facing pretty dire decisions on his treatment. >> either a craniotomy they go through the skull or they insert a micro catheter up through the femoral artery into the brain. yeah, it's still brain surgery, okay, at the end of the day. >> when they found out darby, lexi and another friend launch add gofundme account and the west chester university loves john facebook page to help with expenses. $17,000 currently on the way to goal of 50,000. >> good morning. >> typical for people who good to other others john didn't know to respond to people being so good to him. >> you find out that these students without telling you, you know --
5:58 pm
>> i know. >> cared enough they went out there -- absolutely. >> on their own to try to help. absolutely amazing. people are donating money. i don't even know them. i have students parents who give money. i never met these people. >> ♪ >> reporter: but they know him. and they just want john to know that he's meant more to them than he can ever know. >> he just made me feel so welcomed i feel like he's done that for everyone. >> tomatoes make your head shake. no tomatoes. >> students are committed to reaching their fund raiding goal through series of events so that john knows he's not alone. >> thank you very much. i appreciate that. i can't tell you what the support i've been getting from everybody involved. it's heart warming. >> for goodness sake. i'm bill anderson. ♪ sometimes people in your lives that come in and out of your life and they just make an
5:59 pm
impact. i think that's one of those guys. >> exactly. you could tell that he bring other people joy. >> love it. >> touched. >> fox 29 news at 6:00 starts right now. ♪ right now at 6:00, here it comes. one week before the official start of spring and we are tracking a major winter storm. we're talking blizzard conditions in certain areas. maybe at least 8-foot of snow. fox 29 weather authority has you covered from the delaware and lehigh valleys to down the shore. as we prepare for what could be the biggest winter storm of 2017. ♪ >> live from center city in philadelphia this is fox 29 news at 6:00. and here we go. we begin at 6:00 with live look at pocono mountains tonight. which could be one of the hardest hit areas as major winter storm bears down on us. this storm already leading canceled flights, travel messes
6:00 pm
for commuters with much of the northeast expected to get snow. >> live ultimate doppler radar tracking the system. moving toward us. this could be our biggest snowfall this winter. reminders that march is oftentimes unpredictable and often brings big-time snowstorms. thanks for joining us at 6:00. i'm lucy noland. >> i'm chris o'connell. iain is off tonight. get ready. right now here's what we know. a snow emergency goes into effect in philadelphia at 9:00 o'clock. philadelphia's public be parochial schools closed tomorrow and you can see other closings at the bottom of your screen. >> we have team coverage of the storm preps beginning right now with meteorologist kathy orr. the woman of the moment. what you got, kathy. >> guys, this will be undoubtedly the biggest storm of the season. other storms we pick up 3-inches here. 2-inches there. we're going for about a foot in philadelphia and 24 years ago almost to the date we had the super storm of 1993. it impacted almost every single major city along the east


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